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Varroa news

Are you worried about the recent news surrounding Varroa?

B-QUAL has had the pleasure of working with Dr Randy Oliver on producing two videos on Varroa Detection and Varroa Management.

In these videos, packed with insights and useful actionable advice, Dr Randy Oliver is interviewed by Dr Andrew Wootton. They discuss the current phase of the incursion, how to detect if there may be a problem, what can be done, and what the future holds.

Detecting Varroa

Dr Andrew Wootton interviews Dr Randy Oliver about the incursion of Varroa into Australia and the best approach to managing the current situation. What is there to worry about, and what does the future hold?

Managing Varroa

Dr Andrew Wootton interviews Dr Randy Oliver about effective management strategies when combatting Varroa. Learn about guarding against outbreaks, and what to do if Varroa has become an issue.

This is of course a very important topic to beekeepers within Australia and we are very grateful for their involvement in getting this valuable information documented and for their participation in the creation of these videos.

Many thanks to 

Dr Andrew Wootton – Executive committee member, Victorian Apiarists Association – B-TRACE member
Dr Randy Oliver – Entomologist Researcher and commercial beekeeper

If you have any questions regarding any of the topics or issues raised in the videos please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.