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Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the food they eat and, to address these issues, the honey industry must meet this challenge to remain profitable and to protect its future.  

Adoption of a quality assurance program is essential if the honey industry is to comply with changing government regulations and consumer demands.

The B-TRACE Australia Pty Ltd Program has been developed to assist beekeepers to comply with government regulations by producing honey and honey products of the highest standard. 

The B-TRACE standards are drawn from best beekeeping and best processing practices, which have been backed by research programs targeting factors affecting hygiene, quality and residues.  B-TRACE Australia is working within the beekeeping industry to ensure that customer requirements and government regulations are consistently met.  The program reviews industry standards regularly to ensure they remain current and relevant.  B-TRACE has partnered with Food Safe Food Australia (SFA) to conduct its desk audits. To learn more about SFA, visit https://www.btrace.com.au/b-trace-auditor.

As a member of the Australian beekeeping industry, you are an important participant in the B-TRACE program.  Through this involvement and the adoption of the industry standards, the program will achieve its goals and recognition in the market place.

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B-TRACE acknowledges the assistance of Dr Liz Barbour of the CRCHBP and Professor Sharon Purchase of the UWA Business School in developing the B-TRACE management app and their input into our quality assurance program.