What do I need to do before I get certified?

Simply join the B-TRACE program online at  https://www.btrace.com.au/get-certified/  and pay via our secured online system.

Once you join the B-TRACE program you will receive automatic access to the B-TRACE hive management and record keeping web app. All you need to do then is to maintain your hive records. If you have not completed the PHA BOLT course within last 3 years go to Plant Health Australia web site https://honeybee.canopihr.com.au/auth/login. Complete the course and download your certificate.

Once you have at least 6 months of records on your app you can apply for a desk audit by going to Audit tab in your Member Area on the B-TRACE website.  Once you successfully complete the online desk audit you will receive an audit certificate and certification number.

How much does B-TRACE Certification Cost?

B-TRACE membership costs $192.50 (inclusive of GST) per year.  This fee includes access to the B-TRACE app and a yearly annual desk audit fee.

Upon passing the audit, a member has no additional costs involved. If a member fails the audit, a new audit fee of $55 (includes GST) will be applicable to retake the audit.

Can I cancel my membership any time?

No refund is issued for cancellation of membership after 6 months of program involvement.

Membership can be cancelled and refunded within 6 months of signing up and only if an audit has not been performed. 

Simply log into your member area and cancel your subscription there and email us your refund request. Or email us at  admin@btrace.com.au advising you no longer wish to participate in the program.

All access to B-TRACE advantages will be cancelled upon membership cancellation.

How do I Pay for the B-TRACE Membership?

B-TRACE membership is payable online via Paypal with a debit or credit card by going to: https://www.btrace.com.au/b-trace-membership/ and following the steps at: https://www.btrace.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Steps.png


Renewal of the yearly membership is automatic. 

If you are having issues paying online, please contact us at adminb@btrace.com.au. We will issue an invoice and process the membership payment manually.

How does B-TRACE Certification benefit my business?

By participating in the B-TRACE program, you are able to show your consumers that you are an accredited beekeeper producing honey bee products in accordance to high industry standards.  Your B-TRACE certifications acts as a proof of product provenance and traceability.

  • You will have Access to the B-TRACE hive management app
  • You will be able to show proof of compliance with current industry and regulatory requirements
  • You will have certification in accordance with high industry standards by an independent audit
  • Use of the B-TRACE logo and marketing tools for premium marketing and pricing opportunities
  • Keep up to date with latest industry trends and standards
  • Access to B-TRACE social media outlets for business and beekeeping improvement and opportunities
  • Industry wide and international recognition
  • Access to audit assistance hotline

Who is the B-TRACE Auditor?

Gillian Van Someren-Hurley


Exemplar Global 114022 Level 4 (NFSA-4) Auditor & HACCP Practitioner

Safe Food Australia provides food safety auditing, food safety training and consultancy services.

We are a young and creative company with a passion for safe food, offering personal and professional service to a range of businesses including aged care homes, health care facilities, dairy farms, animal feed manufacturers, honey producers, cook-chill processors and food retail operators.

Gillian and her team work proactively with clients to assist with their ongoing quality improvements and food safety compliance. One of the outstanding benefits of working with our company is our auditors are also qualified trainers and have extensive practical experience in a variety of businesses.