Benefits of B-TRACE Certification

Access to the B-TRACE hive management app

Proof of compliance with current industry and regulatory requirements

Certification to high industry standards by independent audit

Access to premium marketing and pricing opportunities with the B-TRACE certification logo and marketing tools

Gain consumer trust with B-TRACE product provenance and product authenticity assurance

Keep up to date with latest industry trends and standards

Access to B-TRACE social media outlets for business and beekeeping improvement and opportunities

Locally and internationally recognised

Audit hotline for assistance

Practical quality assurance designed by and for beekeepers!

Conditions for B-TRACE Certification

arrow_forward Membership fee is payable on joining and renewed on the joining date in following years

arrow_forward An annual fee of $192.50 (inclusive of GST) is applicable; this fee includes the free use of the B-TRACE hive management app, and the annual audit fee

arrow_forward Manage or own a total hive holding of 300 hives or less, and production/sales not exceeding 15,000 kg per year

arrow_forward Desk audit must be completed annually, if an audit fails, corrective actions are to be completed and a new audit will take place at members cost of $55 (Includes GST)


Step 1

– Make the decision to improve your business

– Pay the annual fee through our secure online payment portal

– Access B-TRACE membership advantages

Step 2    

– Use your B-TRACE  ID number  sent to your email to access B-TRACE Hive Management App

– Follow the steps in the B-TRACE App Supplier Manual sent to your email

– Enter your profile and hive management data into the B-TRACE App

Step 3

When you feel confident and have completed training manual details and have your app data up to date, go to self-audit page in your member area and apply for an audit.

The auditor will review the information and documentation that you have supplied and determine if you have complied with all the B-Trace requirements. B-TRACE has partnered with Food Safe Food Australia (SFA) for to conduct its desk audits. To learn more about SFA, visit

The auditor may request further documentation in which case the audit would have to be re-submitted with all relevant documentation.

Upon successful audit completion member is issued an Audit Certificate and Audit ID number. This is the key to full B-TRACE certification!

It is a requirement that B-TRACE members are audited within 11 months of joining to maintain B-TRACE certification.

Join B-TRACE Today and Take your Business to the Next Level!

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