Criteria for B-TRACE Certification

Own and/or manage a total hive holding of 300 hives or less

A maximum production/sales of 15,000kg per year

Benefits of B-TRACE Certification

Access to the B-TRACE hive management app

Proof of compliance with current industry and regulatory requirements

Certification according to high industry standards by an independent audit

Use of B-TRACE logo and marketing tools for premium marketing and pricing opportunities

Assurance of product provenance and product authenticity for your customers

Keep up to date with latest industry trends and standards

Access to B-TRACE social media outlets for business and beekeeping improvement and opportunities

Industry wide and international recognition

Access to audit assistance hotline

B-QUAL, as the industry owned QA and Food Safety program, has been asked by various stakeholders to implement a low-cost program that offers small producers assistance with their record keeping obligations, and to give consumers confidence in their products and product traceability.

Consumers and Government departments are increasingly becoming aware of where food comes from and how it is produced.

It is recognised in the honey industry that quality standards, in relation to food safety are demanded by customers, and governments. It is necessary to comply with Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) which requires food businesses to develop a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) based food safety program.

B-TRACE is designed for smaller enterprises to maintain readily available hive record information that satisfies the requirements of the National Biosecurity Code of Practice, including Extracting and Product records that are also required by legislation. A specially designed hive management web app has been developed to assist members with this record keeping.  The B-TRACE program is intended for small semi commercial and recreational beekeepers who sell to:

  • Farmers Markets
  • Direct to consumers
  • Food stalls
  • Boutique shops, such as Bakeries, Fruit and Vegetable, Delicatessens, Restaurants and similar
  • Or, any other outlets

B-TRACE is an online desk audit program whereby members must undertake a desk audit once every 12 months. Upon completion of the desk audit a certificate number will be issued which will be your key to claiming to produce product to high industry standards and give verifiable proof to your customers of the provenance of your product. It is possible that the Auditor may select any member for an additional site audit to verify audit results.

B-TRACE – Practical quality assurance designed by beekeepers and for beekeepers!

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B QUAL Orchards Integration

Learn how the new B-Qual system updates help you even more when it comes to tracking of honey bee products, streamlining auditing and having all the information you need to help support informed decision-making in the industry.

With new integrations with Agriculture Victoria helping all beekeepers and honey producers across Australia, these new updates to the B-Qual system will give you the foundation you need to continue your success into the future.

Varroa News

Dr Andrew Wootton – Executive committee member Victorian Apiarists Association and B-TRACE member talks to Dr Randy Oliver – Entomologist Researcher and commercial beekeeper, about the current Varroa situation. Helpful advice and tips regarding both detection and management.

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