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Anti-Counterfeiting Workshop Videos – From Hive to Table

Protect your label and avoid forgery. Copying labels is easily done – with a well thought out strategy your brand is safeguarded.

Judgement of a honey product is largely based on the information supplied by the label on the jar. The connection of the label to the honey within the jar is the work of traceability and chemistry, but what happens when the label is tampered with and the two do not align?

This workshop will guide you through simple techniques to identify your risk, learn about the waysyou can protect your label and create a solution for customer trust in your brand. Held on-line in two three-hour sessions, this workshop will enable you to work with the tools provided to reach your solutions.

The goal of the workshop is for you to arrive at a solution you can implement. This workshop is for all Australian beekeepers packing their honey, or packers packing beekeeper honey.

Workshop lead: Dr. Caroline Francis

Program Manager of Industrial Design (Honours) School of Design, RMIT University

CRICOS provider code: 00122A

Orchid ID: Dr Caroline Francis LinkedIn

Watch the videos by clicking on YouTube:

Day 1: https://youtu.be/qAVc4heizrw

Day 2: https://youtu.be/1dZuzaj7ABk

This was funded by the Traceability Grants Program – “Delivering quality assured Australian Honey Bee Products” in collaboration with B-QUAL Australia, CRC for Honey Bee Products and UWA. 8 july 2022