B-TRACE Australia

B-QUAL News JUNE 2021


  • Working in partnership with University of Western Australia and CRCHBP
  • Program duration August 2020 to June 2022 As mentioned earlier during the year we received a Federal Government grant of $ 209,000 to deliver an auditable and digitised traceability system.

The overall aim is to strengthen consumer trust and boost Australia’s safe and premium food profile by developing methods to ensure the integrity of supply chains that deliver our premium honey products to domestic and international markets.

The honey library program in collaboration with the CRCHBP, and University of WA. is managed by B-QUAL as lead manager and ultimate owner of all data; therefore guaranteeing the integrity for Australian beekeepers and their involvement in this major project.

Although some countries have partial honey library in place or are working towards establishing one, from our research no country will have a library which will be as detailed as ours and certainly not to the extent of the chemistry and honey palaeontology, and DNA mapping coupled to the hive to jar traceability so the claim that this is world’s first and best is absolutely justifiable. Our flora database already extends to nearly 1000 plants important to our industry.